Drive a new and cost-free ancillary revenue stream to your business from your customers post-booking purchases
Alongside traditional ancillary revenue streams, have you ever thought about earning revenue from the products your customers purchase after they have booked with you?
UK annual expenditure
on Fashion
UK annual expenditure
on Retail
UK annual expenditure
on Beauty
InterLnkd is the first and only company to link your booked customers with the worlds of fashion, beauty, and retail to complement the booking they hold with you, and to earn your business a completely new and cost-free incremental revenue stream.
InterLnkd Partners
InterLnkd has partnered with 100’s of companies, from high end brands to household names, to offer thousands of products from the worlds of fashion, beauty, and retail to complement your customer’s booking.
Why join InterLnkd?

Completely cost-free to your business.

Provide your business with a brand-new revenue stream.

Use data driven emails with your brand to maximise conversion.

Connect your customers to a world of matched products from Fashion, Beauty and Retail.

MotiVatedData™ enhances your customer’s experience with products that complement their booking.