Position your products in front of millions of motivated buyers at the right time in their decision-making journey to maximise conversion

Using InterLnkd’s MotiVatedData™ and unique intelligent matching engine technology, InterLnkd can position your products in front of motivated buyers from our travel and hospitality partners.

InterLnkd will connect your products with millions of customers who make bookings on holidays, hotels, airlines, cruises, theatre and concert tickets and restaurants.

Using our personalised technology, whether your company sells clothes, beauty products, gadgets, toys, books, or jewellery to name just a few, InterLnkd will drive customers and sales to your business.

Why join InterLnkd?

Position your product in the right place in front of millions of motivated buyers.

Maximise sales by targeting customers throughout their buying consideration journey.

Use MotiVatedData™ to match your products with customers willing and able to purchase them.

Gain greater understanding of your customer behaviour through our intelligent matching engine.