Through InterLnkd’s personalised emails, earn incremental revenue every time your customer makes a purchase
How It Works

Using our intelligent product matching engine which houses thousands of products across the fashion, beauty and retail worlds, from high end brands to household names, we utilise specific data points called MotiVatedData™ to match the right products with your customer’s booking.

Whether it is an individual, a couple or a family booking a beach or a city destination, a theatre booking or a high-end restaurant, InterLnkd will identify the right products that complement your customer’s booking and present them in timely emails in the run up to their departure, reservation or event. Every product purchased earns your business a commission.

What is MotiVatedData™?

Data on its own is meaningless, but specific data points when connected in a string become motivated.

MotiVatedData™ is strings of specific data points that are processed by the InterLnkd matching engine, to choose products that the customer would be interested in as well as willing and able to purchase. The data pieced together in the right way positions the right product at the right time and delivers the motivation to purchase.