InterLnkd is the first and only company to link the travel and hospitality industries with the fashion, beauty and retail industries to drive an incremental revenue stream to the former and a targeted sales solution to the latter

Using specific data points, defined as MotiVatedDataâ„¢ and a unique intelligent matching engine built through AI algorithms, InterLnkd is able to connect thousands of bookings from travel and hospitality with thousands of products from fashion, beauty and retail to deliver incremental revenue streams to both parties.

InterLnkd is founded by team members with a deep understanding of the travel, hospitality and consumer goods industries.

With over 35 years combined experience of building and driving significant revenue growth strategies in the ancillary revenue and digital space, that leverage intelligent data profiles and AI matching technology, InterLnkd is the first and only company to bring the lifestyle industries together to benefit all of them equally.