InterLnkd Ltd will be sending emails to those that consent to marketing by third parties through our travel and hospitality partners. 

InterLnkd Ltd, trading names of InterLnkd Ltd and our advertising partners use cookies and similar technologies on this site and our email communications to collect and use personal data. If you consent, the cookies, device identifiers or other information can be stored or accessed on your device for the purposes described below. You can click ‘Allow All’ or ‘Decline All’ or click setting above to customise your consent.

InterLnkd Ltd, trading names of InterLnkd Ltd and our advertising partners process personal data to i. Store and / or access information on a device ii. Create a personalised content profile iii. Select personalised content iv. Personalised ads V. ad measurement and audience insight Vi. Product development. Some of our partners rely on their legitimate business interests to process personal data.

Your changes on this site will be applied across the internet on any digital property you visit using InterLnkd’s technology. If you set Decline All, you will still be able to view content on this and you will still receive advertising, but the advertising will not be tailored to you. You may change your settings at any point.

InterLnkd Ltd and trading names of InterLnkd Ltd require travel and hospitality partners to accept the terms and conditions to access its platform. Strict GDPR compliance, aligned to the above, is required to be a partner of InterLnkd Ltd.

Consent to marketing by third party partners will be expressed via opt in from our travel and hospitality partner systems, either by tick box on their system or via verbal agreement with the travel and hospitality partner.

Users can withdraw their consent to emails by clicking on the unsubscribe option on the emails. 

GDPR compliance is of highest importance to InterLnkd Ltd and in order to maintain focus on compliance the following has been done:

i. A Chief Compliance Officer for data and privacy has been appointed within the founders of the Company. 

ii. The issue of GDPR compliance will be raised at every monthly board meeting to confirm we maintain our position.

iii. Green GDPR compliance rating will be required to achieve a management dividend payment.

iv. Storage and security of data:

  • InterLnkd Ltd have verified and will continue to verify the ability to generate, export, block, and delete data on a user level;
  • InterLnkd Ltd will regularly cull travel, experience and event data post date of travel, experience or event of the end customer.